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What is reasonable to put on an engagement ring?

It is completely individual what sum is paid for an engagement ring depending on what budget one has. Many, however, choose to use the "three-month rule" that appeared in the 1990s, which means that the engagement ring for the woman must cost three months' salary. An expensive engagement ring is often seen as a symbol of love and commitment.

What color should an engagement ring be?

There are different metals and colors such as white gold and platinum which are the same color although in different metals, then there is yellow gold and rose gold. Which color of the metal you choose is highly individual, but what many couples do is match their engagement rings in the same color. Yellow gold has long been a classic favorite for many and in recent years we have seen a trend for rings in white gold or platinum where the difference between these is the choice of metal.

How much does a standard engagement ring cost?

We offer wedding and engagement rings in a wide price range so that everyone can find a ring to fit their budget. The most common price for many is an engagement ring with 1 carat in weight, and there the price ranges from SEK 39,990 and up depending on the design as well as the clarity and color of the diamond in the middle.

Which ring is the engagement ring and which is the wedding ring?

The engagement ring for the woman is usually a diamond ring that the woman receives at the time of the engagement or that the couple choose together afterwards. There are different models of engagement rings such as solitaire ring/ single stone ring where there is only one larger diamond in the center, side stone ring which has a larger diamond in the center and smaller diamonds on the band, three stone ring where there is usually a larger diamond in the center and two smaller ones next to the center stone , halo ring that has a halo of diamonds around the center stone so that the center stone is perceived as larger. Click here to view our range of engagement rings for women

The engagement ring for the woman is then matched with an alliance band at the time of the wedding, as you usually have two rings as a woman, an engagement ring and a matching alliance band. Click here to view our women's alliance bands

Men usually wear an engagement ring. Click here to view our engagement rings for men

We also offer wedding rings for couples if you want to buy two wider ones and have matching wedding rings instead. Click here to view our wedding rings for couples

How to find out the ring size?

Go to our "Ring Measurements" guide to see instructions on how to measure a ring size.